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Tactics Manager 2.6

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Tactics Manager 2.6

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Tutorial Videos of Tactics Manager

v2.5 - Pitch Zoom in, & More

v2.4 - 160 GK Actions

v2.3 - Tool Improvements

v2.2 - Save to PDF + more...

v2.0 - Copy/Paste, Undo, Group

v1.9 - New Session Planner

v1.8 - Files/folders, Tools

v1.7 - Upload and Download

v1.6 - New Tools

Tactics Manager FAQs
Q: Is Tactics Manager a one-time only purchase?

Yes! You download it, install it, activate it and you keep it for life

Q: Can I download, install and activate Tactics Manager immediately after purchase?

Yes. Immediately after purchase you will receive your product product key via email.

Q: What happens if I change my PC / Mac or have an accident?

No problem, you can de-activate your licence from within the application and this will enable you to activate it on your new PC or Mac using the same product key. In the unlikely event that you have a hard drive failure then no problem, we will reset your licence key so you can activate on your new PC or Mac.

Q: How many computers can I use Tactics Manager on?

Tactics Manager comes with 1 PC/Mac licence. We offer additional licences at a discounted rate (£24 or $35 USD each) so you can use it on additional computers.

Q: Can I use Tactics Manager on my iPad or Android Tablet device?

Currently no, as iOS and Android are completely different platforms, however we are working on an iPad and Android Tablet version. Please check back later