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SoccerTutor.com PDF Soccer Drills Software

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» Drills, Skills & Techniques - All Ages & Skill Levels
» 25 Skill Tests - Who's The Most Skillful Player?
3D Fitness Drills - Speed, Agility, & Interval Training...
» Exclusive Pro Section (UEFA 'B') - Set Plays...
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Dear Fellow Coach,

Are you coaching a team but need some new and proven drills that will not only help you become a better coach but also improve the development of your team and ultimately win more games? 

Are you currently taking your coaching license and need high quality easy to use coaching resource to help you? In addition an actual fully qualified coach to help you pass? 

How do you currently prepare and organize your training sessions and tactics right now? Do you use pen and a bits of paper, maybe you don't write anything down at all...


Well, whatever method you currently use I'm pleased to say that we have all the answers and more some...




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You Are Just Moments Away From
Having Instant Access To All These Features:

 Coaching Section 1 -- Drills, Skills And Techniques

This section features both individual skills, techniques and team drills.

Coaching Licence
UK Football - FA Level 1 - 2
U.S. Soccer - YM1, YM3, E, D, NYL, C, B Licenses

Age Group Level: 
Under 6's - Adult

Skill Level: 
Junior - Advanced

Coaching Categories:

  • Warm Up
  • Attacking
  • Ballwork
  • Control
  • Crossing
  • Defending
  • Goalkeeping
  • Heading
  • Passing
  • Shooting
 Coaching Section 2 -- SkillTester

This section features 25 skill tests that will enable you to test and rate player skill abilities.

Coaching Licence
UK - Non Applicable
USA - Non Applicable

Age Group Level: 
Under 6's - Adult

Skill Level: 
Beginner - Advanced

Coaching Categories:

  • Dribbling
  • Heading
  • Juggling
  • Passing
  • Running With The Ball [RWTB]
  • Shooting
  • Speed
  • Soccer Circuit
 Coaching Section 3 -- Pro Section

This section features exclusive high level coaching practices, similar to the UEFA 'B' coaching licence.

Coaching Licence
UK Football - FA Level 3 / UEFA 'B' Licence
U.S. Soccer - B, A Licenses

Age Group Level: 
Under 15's - Adult

Skill Level: 

Advanced - Professional

Coaching Categories:

  • Set Plays - Corners
  • Set Plays - Free-Kicks
  • Set Plays - Throw-Ins
  • Phase of Play - Attacking
  • Phase of Play - Defending
  • Functions - Attacking
  • Functions - Defending
  • Small Sided Game (8v8) - Attacking
  • Small Sided Game (8v8) - Defending
 Coaching Section 4 -- 3D Fitness

This section features soccer specific drills for speed, agility, coordination and interval training.

Coaching Licence
UK Football - FA Level 2, 3 / UEFA 'B' Licence
U.S. Soccer - D, B, A Licenses

Age Group Level: 
Under 12's - Adult

Skill Level: 
Beginner - Professional

Coaching Categories:

  • Speed Training
  • Coordination
  • Interval Training
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"About 4 months ago i signed my team up to Soccer Tutor which i found online and cannot believe what it has done for my team.

With Soccer Tutor this has allowed all the players to have access to hundreds of proper drills that explain each drill in detail this saves me loads of time.

Once i told my Chairman about it he signed his Girls team up also now the whole clubs involved and its available to all 20 teams in all ages and sexes. Any coach who is taking coaching courses this will help you"

Gary Jenkinson
Heyside Juniors FC

"Soccertutor.com provides football coaches with a fresh and structural approach to a variety of drills and topics of work. The way the drills are broken down enables the coach to fully comprehend the aims, objectives and desired outcomes of a session and each session is easily transferable to the training ground.

Leyton Orient Community Sports Programme has used several ideas presented on the Soccertutor.com website over the summer 2003 period and will continue to use it as the main source of ideas for coaches staffing grassroots and player development courses."

Trevor East | Senior Football Development Officer
LEYTON ORIENT FC Community Sports Programme

You Do Not Need To Invest A Fortune To 
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Easy To Understand Step-By-Step Drills

If you work your way through the STEP-BY-STEP DRILLS and put some of these drills into action- you WILL see BIG improvements in:

Increasing your Football knowledge

Gaining new fresh ideas 

Improving your teams development 

Improving your teams match performance

So what is the level of investment needed to get all this valuable coaching resource?


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» 11 Soccer Videos - Skills And Techniques
» 6 Skill Tests - Who's The Most Skillful Player?
» Exclusive 3D Animated Fitness Section
» Exclusive Pro (UEFA 'B') Section

» Session Planner - Plan Your Practices In Advance
» Team Management Tools - Fixtures & Results
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» Special Report Designed for Soccer Player
» Find Out how to get the Best out of Your Players
» What Should Players eat Before a Match?
» What Should Players After a Match?
What Should Players be Drinking?
» Includes Suggested Pre-Match foods and Drinks

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Format Of SoccerTutor.com PFD Soccer Drills and the Bonuses

The PDF Soccer Drills will be provided to you by instant download to your desktop PC. You will need Acrobat Reader to view all the drills.

The Bonuses will be provided to you by both instant download and online membership access. You will need Acrobat Reader and flash plug-in (98% of internet users have the flash plug-in).

Also Works with Windows VISTA!


Best Wishes,

Coach George

Director of Coaching
SoccerTutor.com Ltd.
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+44 207 193 0778

P.S. Please remember, you will be receiving proven and global award winning Football / Soccer coaching material.

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Order via ClickBank's secure payment servers 
via either card or PayPal. Instant download.
Make payments via ClickBank or PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!

"Hey great...I told my wife about the site and she was shocked by the price...keep up the good work. I also told my colleagues at the league and they are going to check it out too. I real like the live video and animation support. It really helps me with my coaching needs. Thanks again for your wonderful service."


"Having spent years surfing soccer related sites, yours is the best by a country mile. Keep up the great work!"

John Bleakley

"I've been searching for soccer coaching resources to assist me with my coaching development and found Soccertutor to be by far the most professional and intuitive. The session builder tool helps organise my coaching, i highly recommend, its helped me pass my FA badge!"

Jamie from the UK

"This website has been a nice addition to my coaching arsenal. I have been coaching for many years and searched the web for new drills for most of them. Your site has helped me move my 14 yr old boys team to a new level. The reason is the animation you incorporate. It has allowed for me the opportunity to teach new and intricate techniques to my players."

Thanks Bryon deVries

"...I can't believe how good Soccertutor is. It is exactly what I have been looking for, as I didn't play soccer and come from a Rugby League background. My father-in-law and I inherited the coaching job when the then coach quit when the team was Under 8's. No one else would take on the team and as my son was in the team, we took over. So this information will be invaluable..."

Fred Peet

"Hi, I just subscribed to your free edition, and must admit that i'm amazed. The site is absolutely brilliant!!"

Jimmy from Denmark

"Hi there, Just to let you know how impressed I am with your service, I have seen one of the most comprehensive online football tutors. It really covers every aspect in each particular position needed."


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