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Soccer Tutor Special Offer Bundle

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Six Free Bonuses Worth Over $240!

BONUS 1 (Value $37 USD): Team Formations and Postional Roles - Fully animated systems of play, player positional roles and easy to understand coaching points.
BONUS 2 (Value $27 USD): Soccer Player Nutritional Report - This special report is designed for the soccer player in mind. Discover the best foods to each before a match for maximum energy levels, how to quickly relish that energy after matches and how to get the most out of players. Includes suggested Pre-Match foods and drinks.
BONUS 3 (Value $37 USD): Exclusive Tottenham Hotspur Pre-Match Warm-up - Get instant access to a video lesson on warm-up in practice and an exlusive step-by-step downloadable Tottenham Hotspur Pre-Match warm-up!
BONUS 4 (Value $27 USD): How to Improve Player Development Video lesson - Find Out What You Should Be Working on at Practice and why? This video lesson will explain how to boost player development.
BONUS 5 (Value $67 USD): ONLINE Access to Tactics Manager Software - Get 1 years access to Tactics Manager ONLINE version - Easy to use Soccer Coaching Software to Create your own Professional Looking Soccer Drills, Tactics, Formations and Sessions.
BONUS 6 (Value $49 USD): Premier Coaching and Support Access - Reach the SoccerTutor.com support staff via live chat, email oe telephone whenever you need assistance.

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Bonus Offer

"Get Instant Access to 350 Animated Soccer Drills,
Team Management Tools
, and Step-by-Step 250 PDF Drills"  

"Guaranteed To Make Your Coaching Easier 
Without Having To Think Up What Sessions To Do!"

Companies that have endorsed, supported or collaborated with SoccerTutor.com

SoccerTutor.com PDF Soccer Drills Software

250 PDF Soccer Drills - Step by Step Instruction
Drills, Skills & Techniques - All Ages & Skill Levels
25 Skill Tests - Who's The Most Skillful Player?
3D Fitness Drills - Speed, Agility, Interval Training
Exclusive Pro Section (UEFA 'B') - Set Plays...
Easy Drill Search Software - Find Drills Quickly
Quickly Print Drills - Ready To Take To Practice
Full Support - Get Full Support From SoccerTutor

Dear Fellow Coach,

Are you coaching a team but need some new and proven drills that will not only help you become a better coach but also improve the development of your team and ultimately win more games? 

Are you currently taking your coaching license and need high quality easy to use coaching resource to help you? In addition an actual fully qualified coach to help you pass? 

How do you currently prepare and organize your training sessions and tactics right now? Do you use pen and a bits of paper, maybe you don't write anything down at all...


Well, whatever method you currently use I'm pleased to say that we have all the answers and more some...

PDF Soccer Drills Software
PDF Soccer Drills Software

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UEFA Champions League | Playstation

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You Are Just Moments Away From
Having Instant Access To All These Features:

 Coaching Section 1 -- Drills, Skills And Techniques

This section features both individual skills, techniques and team drills.

Coaching Licence
UK Football - FA Level 1 - 2
U.S. Soccer - YM1, YM3, E, D, NYL, C, B Licenses

Age Group Level: 
Under 6's - Adult

Skill Level: 
Junior - Advanced

Coaching Categories:

  • Warm Up
  • Attacking
  • Ballwork
  • Control
  • Crossing
  • Defending
  • Goalkeeping
  • Heading
  • Passing
  • Shooting
 Coaching Section 2 -- SkillTester

This section features 25 skill tests that will enable you to test and rate player skill abilities.

Coaching Licence
UK - Non Applicable
USA - Non Applicable

Age Group Level: 
Under 6's - Adult

Skill Level: 
Beginner - Advanced

Coaching Categories:

  • Dribbling
  • Heading
  • Juggling
  • Passing
  • Running With The Ball [RWTB]
  • Shooting
  • Speed
  • Soccer Circuit
 Coaching Section 3 -- Pro Section

This section features exclusive high level coaching practices, similar to the UEFA 'B' coaching licence.

Coaching Licence
UK Football - FA Level 3 / UEFA 'B' Licence
U.S. Soccer - B, A Licenses

Age Group Level: 
Under 15's - Adult

Skill Level: 
Advanced - Professional

Coaching Categories:

  • Set Plays - Corners
  • Set Plays - Free-Kicks
  • Set Plays - Throw-Ins
  • Phase of Play - Attacking
  • Phase of Play - Defending
  • Functions - Attacking
  • Functions - Defending
  • Small Sided Game (8v8) - Attacking
  • Small Sided Game (8v8) - Defending
 Coaching Section 4 -- 3D Fitness

This section features soccer specific drills for speed, agility, coordination and interval training.

Coaching Licence
UK Football - FA Level 2, 3 / UEFA 'B' Licence
U.S. Soccer - D, B, A Licenses

Age Group Level: 
Under 12's - Adult

Skill Level: 
Beginner - Professional

Coaching Categories:

  • Speed Training
  • Coordination
  • Interval Training

You Do Not Need To Invest A Fortune To 
Get Immediate Access To These 

Easy To Understand Step-By-Step Drills

If you work your way through the STEP-BY-STEP DRILLS and put some of these drills into action- you WILL see BIG improvements in:

Increasing your Football knowledge

Gaining new fresh ideas 

Improving your teams development 

Improving your teams match performance

You may think that just having access to the 250 PDF Soccer Drills Software is enough, but we're giving you access to the next level of soccer coaching preparation.


"But Wait, Don't Forget..."

You'll Also get Total Team Manager Pro Software

Easy to use Web Based Coaching Software giving you Access to
over 350 Animated Practices for All Team Ages and Levels...  
+ Team Management Tools and more...

SoccerTutor.com Total Team Manager Pro Software

350+fully animated soccer drills, small sided games, over 60 videos - all ages and skill levels
5 Coaching Sections and over 50 categories - Ideal for Coaches taking their coaching licence..
Session builder/planner - organise your coaching
Content sharing - share sessions or as player homework assignment
Team management tools- Add leagues, teams, members, game schedules, results, news and more
1 full year subscription with 22 licences - enough for a team to use!
Video help tutorials - shows you how to use Total Team Manager step-by-step


Just take a look at the animated samples:

View Drill Sample 1

View Drill Sample 2

View Drill Sample 3

View DRILL Print Sample - Download NOW

Below are some screen shots of the different types of animated practices:

Tactics Manager Sample 1   Tactics Manager Sample 1
Tactics Manager Sample 1   Tactics Manager Sample 1


Below are some screen shots of the session sharing, and team management tools:

Tactics Manager Sample 1   Tactics Manager Sample 1
Tactics Manager Sample 1   Tactics Manager Sample 1

Don't Forget - FREE BONUS!

Tactics Manager 1.35 ONLINE Software
. Create your own training drills and sessions in 2D and 3D views
. Create and plan your team tactics, set plays and team formations
. Save, export (to JPEG), print, share your drills, sessions and tactics
. Build your own session plans with the built in "Session Builder" tool
. Very quick and easy to use! Just drag and drop...
Please Note: This is the ONLINE version of Tactics Manager FREE with Total Team Manager Pro. Standalone installation version is sold separately.

...you also get FREE Updates and LIFETIME Support via email, chat and telephone!!


. Proven drills that will not only help you become a better coach but also improve the development of your team and ultimately win more games
. Quickly and easiliy search and view the drills at the click of a button!
. Accelleroate your players learning by sharing/assigning training sessions in advance of practice
. Assigning/sharing your training sessions will SAVE you valuable coaching time!
. The most important aspect of training is that it has to be technically correct... All the animations have been created ONLY by coaches which are TECHNICALLY CORRECT: player positioning, body shape, timing and angle of runs, pace of ball...


. Coaches (All levels from Beginner to Professional) Ideal aid for coaching licence!
. Teams
. Clubs
. Academies
. Schools (Teachers) / Institutions

"About 4 months ago i signed my team up to Soccer Tutor which i found online and cannot believe what it has done for my team.

Each team member was imputed into the system and now has his own profile each player is issued with a username and password so they can go online and study there homework related to the next training session.

Each player is evaluated in games and also tested in 15 different skills monthly. At first they were a bit skeptical but there now anxious for the next round, each player obtained a score which they try to improve each time they are tested.

...With Soccer Tutor this has allowed all the players to have access to hundreds of proper animated drills that explain each drill in detail this saves me loads of time.

Once i told my Chairman about it he signed his Girls team up also now the whole clubs involved and its available to all 20 teams in all ages and sexes. Any coach who is taking coaching courses this will help you."

Gary Jenkinson
Heyside Juniors FC

"...Total Team Manager provided me with what I needed. This past season I began with 22 players, by the end of the season I had a total of 11 on my roster. We played a total of 15 games, 8 of the 15 games we played with 10 or less players, finished 3rd (by beating teams we have never beat) in our District and EARNED a spot in the State playoffs (please keep in mind before I resumed coaching, these girls had only scored twice in the past 3 years). I owe my team’s success to all of you at SoccerTutor!!!.

All of my players now have confidence in themselves, they are gaining knowledge of soccer, and each one's technical ability is continuing to increase, plus they are now the biggest recruiters for our team. In fact, the use of SoccerTutor helped my team so much; that their improved play got me voted "Coach of the Year" in our District.

Additionally, I have now been asked to assume all training duties for the boy’s team. Both boys and girls have asked me to put a conditioning/training program together for them, for this off season to help prepare them for the upcoming year. My girls have told the boys about SoccerTutor and now I am constantly asked by the boys "when can they start using SoccerTutor".

...Thanks again and feel free to pass this information along to anyone, whom it may help"

Kevin McKinney Head Coach,
Indy High School Girls Soccer

Given all of the software, drills, training and bonuses we're offering, we just can't afford to keep this special half offer sale any longer than March 26th.

Now, before you click the "Add to Cart" button below, I want to tell you that we're assuming all of the risk. We are so confident that the SoccerTutor training bundle will be your best investment in soccer training, that we are offering a no hassle, money back guarantee.

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Order now, try the entire package. If after during 30 days you are not absolutely satisfied with this complete package. We will give 
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As you can see, we've taken every step necessary to assure you that our Soccer training software and drills will absolutely change the way you train.

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- Should a refund occur access to Total Team Manager Pro and bonuses is obviously stopped to prevent misuse.
- You get 1 FREE use of PDF Drills Software (and Tactics Manager if upgraded), however a Refund will not be given if the product key is used.


Format of PFD Soccer Drills, Total Team Manager Pro and the Bonuses

PDF Soccer Drills will be provided to you by instant download to your desktop PC. You will need Acrobat Reader to view all the drills.

Total Team Manager Pro - you will be provided with one year's online membership access.

The Bonuses will be provided to you by instant download and online access

Works with ALL Windows PC's - XP, VISTA and Windows 7

Best Wishes,

Coach George

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P.S. Please remember, you will be receiving proven and global award winning Football / Soccer coaching material.

P.P.S. Remember, this Half Price Sale will not be available after March 27th. Grab this special deal now.

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