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New Tactics Manager 2.0 - Take 5 Day Trial
Tactics Manager App Tactics Manager 2.0
Take 5 Day Trial

Dear Tactics Manager user,

Here at, we’ve been working really hard to bring you the latest version of Tactics Manager.

And on top of all the new features, we’re giving you a 5-day free trial just to prove how good it is!

As an existing user, all you need to do:

1. Open up Tactics Manager
2. Click on the ‘Update’ button to install
3. Press the Trial button once 2.0 is installed

Tactics Manager 2.0 video demo

Want to see the new features in action?
Click the above Video image

After your 5 day trial you’ll have 2 options:
  1. Upgrade to 2.0 for just £6 / $10 (keep versions 2.0 – 2.9 for life)
  2. Go back to 1.9 (keep this version for life)
Do I have to pay for an upgrade?
  1. You can keep Tactics Manager 1.9 without paying for an upgrade
  2. Tactics Manager 2.0 is available as an optional upgrade for a minimal fee
  3. This fee helps us to keep improving the software for the future
  4. If you upgrade to 2.0, future minor versions 2.1, 2.2, 2.3 etc.. will be free of charge
New Features for v2.0
  • Copy and paste any object in a certain size colour etc.
  • Undo if made a mistake
  • Modify line tools (resize/change direction) after they have been drawn
  • Group objects to: copy/paste/move/change colour of multiple objects at once
  • Keyboard delete key to delete any selected object
  • Move objects with keyboard arrow keys
  • Able to switch Goals on/off separately to pitch lines
  • New simple design to make Tactics Manager even easier to use
Already seen enough? Then upgrade now

Upgrade to Tactics Manager 2.0
£6 / €7 / $10

Upgrade Tactics Manager 2.0

Best Wishes,

Coach George
Director of Coaching
In case of any inquiry, email [email protected]

UK: +44 (0)208 1234 007
US: +1 305 767 4443
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