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Technical Assistance

To view the videos and animations on successfully you will need two plug-ins, not to worry, they are both free and in most cases they are already installed on your machine.

For animations you will need a Macromedia Flash plug-in which you can install by clicking here.

For viewing videos you will need a Real player which can be installed by clicking here.

Any other issues please use the form below to submit a question to our support team.

As we answer your questions, your feedback will assist us in developing an FAQ area on this page so that we can attempt to answer your questions as quickly as possible.

Customer Support: Telephone:
UK 0208 123 4007
EU +44 208 123 4007
US +1 305 767 4443
Coaching Dept: Address: Ltd.
Suite 2.2
109 George Lane
London E18 1AN
United Kingdom
Technical Support:
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