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Coaching software that enables you to create your own practices, tactics and plan sessions

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43 Pitch Planning Angles

Full, 3-quater, half, 3rd of pitch, grids, circle and exclusive Player Eye Level 3D pitch options, as well as 2D overhead angles.

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128 Players Actions

Full 360 rotation, 128 player actions; walk, jog, run, receive, pass, shoot etc. Change kit colours, add/remove names, scale big/small.

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160 Goalkeeper Actions

Full 360 rotation, 160 GK actions: ready, catching, diving, throwing, kicking. Change kit colours, add/remove names, scale big/small.

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Equipment (practices and conditioning)

Balls, cones, goals, poles, hurdles, speed ladders, speed rings and mannequins. Rotate in multiple directions, scale and change colour.

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Line Tools

12 types of line tools, arrows, solid, dashed, straight, curved, and wiggly lines. Change line thickness / Arrow head size, colour, size and direction.

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Pitch Options and Zoom in / Out

Zoom in on any pitch area. Pitch lines and goals can be switched on/off. Pitch Grass stripes changed to vertical, horizontal, plain, Futsal Blue...

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Session Planner

Quickly and easily plan your sessions adding 1, 2, 3 or 4 diagram practices per page. Save, edit, view and print in full or partial colour.

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Save Drills & Sessions to PDF

Save drills, tactics, team line-ups and sessions to PDF files (full or partial colour). You can print the PDF files, email, upload and share them with team members

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Add Training and Match Notes

To accompany your practices, add training notes; name, age/level, duration, objective, description, coaching points and progression. For team line-ups select Match Notes.

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Your Coach Info Included with PDF's

Free option for you to include your coach information with all your Saved drill and Sessions to PDF's.

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Save Diagrams to JPEG

Save practice and tactics diagrams to JPEG files. You can print the JPEG files, email, import them into other programs like Word, powerpoint, upload and share them with team members

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Copy, Paste, Undo... Super Quick!

Copy and paste and object to make creating practices lightning quick. Make a mistake, no issue, press undo! Delete objects too with 1 button or your keyboard.

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Group + Layer objects

Layer objects to appear just how you want: front, back, top, bottom. Select multiple objects to move, copy/paste or change colour at once.

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Square and Circle Highlighter Tools

Highlight circular and right angled areas of the pitch, you can set the line, fill colour and transparency too.

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Text and Speech Bubble Tool

Add text and speech bubble onto the pitch, set the colour, size, text style (Bold, Italic and/or Underlined).

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Lock and Unlock Objects

Locking objects prevents you from accidentally moving another object by mistake as well making it quicker and easier to create diagrams.

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Easy file and folder management

Manage/organise your files (practices and sessions) and folders into your chosen categories. Add/delete folder and sub-folder categories.

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Multiple Languages

Able to Change language to Spanish, German, Dutch, Greek, French, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, and more to follow...

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Back-up, Export and import of Files

You can export your working files for back-up and share them with other Tactics Manager users.

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De-activate & activate on other PC/Mac

Got a new PC/Mac or Need to use Tactics Manager on another PC/Mac, just de-activate your licence...